has released its latest Fast 50 Report. Published every quarter it analyses the 50 fastest moving freelance categories on their site, used by more than 32 million people across 247 countries.

The latest reports shows that companies are increasingly turning to freelancers for vital administration and marketing operations.

The freelance jobs that have shot up the scale this year

The top ten risers fall under the headings of telemarketing; virtual assistant; CodeIgniter; customer support; MetaTrader; Unity 3D; email handling; Google AdWords; web search; and internet research. Phew, take a minute to get your breath back.

The rising stars from the start of this year are related to electrical and electronic engineering, Augmented Reality and Shopify. That’s a strong lean towards marketing, admin, and tech.

Finding work as a freelancer

If you’re thinking of striking out as a freelancer, then these roles might be the ones to get skilled up for.


Telemarketing is just one of the previously office-based admin roles increasingly being given to freelancers rather than employees. Demand for this skill has risen 32.79% (from 1,476 to 1,960 jobs).

Virtual Assistant

Carrying on the trend, Virtual Assistant jobs were up 30.89% (from 4,768 jobs to 6,241). Employers seem to be finding it more cost efficient to have an assistant as and when required, for certain days or tasks.


The other area that saw a rise in demand was, unsurprisingly, tech roles. The demand for CodeIgniter skills (experts in open-source PHP framework built for developers and used for website creation) rose by 26.22% (from 1,438 to 1,815 jobs).

Customer support

Another admin role on the rise, as companies seek to provide a 24/7 service to customers all around the world. Customer support freelancing saw a growth of 25.82% (from 1,979 to 2,490 jobs).


Demand for freelancers skilled in MetaTrader, an electronic platform that allows the trading of different products, saw a 25.14% rise (from 1,050 jobs to 1,314).

Unity 3D

Unity 3D is a powerful graphics engine used to create 3D games and applications. Jobs for freelancers with these skills have risen 24.45% (from 2,008 to 2,499).

Email Handling

Prompt response times are great for business, even though managing to keep up can sometimes seem more like a chore. The last quarter has seen an increase of 23.47% in demand for email handlers, (from 1,483 to 1,831).

Google AdWords

Google remains king of the web, and therefore king of web advertising. The demand for freelancers who know their way around Google AdWords has risen by rising 21.03% (from 2,634 to 3,188 jobs).

Rising stars—and faltering flames

Some other roles, while not top of the tree yet, showed a significant increase in demand in the first part of the year.

The recently launched’s Arrow Plus guides creativity and innovation for more than 200,000 top technology manufacturers and service provides. It has generated a lot of interest, and looks set to incur strong demand for those skilled in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Shopify is a Canadian e-commerce company which provides a platform for online stores and companies, along with retail point of sale systems. As more and more commerce moves online, freelancers who know their way around Shopify can expect to see higher demand for their skills

Companies are beginning to understand the potential of Augmented Reality (AR) technology and harness its power, so AR experts are unlikely to be looking far for work in future.

As always, though, demand for some skills waned in the first few months of the year. The demand for freelancers in the fields of Mathematics, jQuery/Prototype, statistics, R programming language, API, statistical analysis, Blockchain, writing, Bitcoin, and design decreased dramatically.

Bitcoin saw the second-largest decline in demand of any skill, falling by 36.01%, but this is doubtless due to the big losses suffered by investors in 2018. With predictions that it may take many years for the cryptocurrency to surpass its historic highs, it might take a while for the freelance market to recover in that area.

It’s clear that as the world becomes increasingly focused on the digital, freelancers need to ensure they keep up with developments in their field, and remain tech-savvy and relevant.

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