The life of a freelancer sometimes sounds like a real dream doesn’t it? No alarm clock rattling your brain in the morning, and working from the comfort of your own home. What could possibly go wrong? Unfortunately though, the flip side of that are the consequences of spending too much time alone, without other people around to motivate you. Research carried out by SME finance service, Aldermore revealed that nearly 40% of people experience feelings of loneliness since becoming their own boss. One in six also say they no longer feel in control of their own lives. So, what can be done about it?

Work in a co-working space or coffee shop from time to time

Co-working and coffee shop culture are both modern concepts which make interaction as a freelancer more accessible than ever before. Swap your duvet or your home office for a shared working environment every now and again. It’ll give you an opportunity to mingle with like-minded professionals, and to feel a sense of normality and connectivity. You never know, you might even meet friends for life (and maybe some work opportunities along the way).

Hold your meetings face-to-face

Modern communications are seriously useful. But, if you’re starting to feel isolated, some face-to-face meetings will get you back into the world. It’s a good excuse to get up and dressed, whilst cementing the relationship between you and your client.

Make sure you’ve got routine and a schedule to follow

In order to address issues with feeling out of control of your own life, we recommend setting yourself a routine and sticking to it as strictly as possible. Although one of the main benefits of being freelance is that your time is way more flexible, it is mentally beneficial to follow some form of structure. It doesn’t have to be impeccably detailed, but a plan will help to diminish the panic.

Don’t forget to eat, exercise and get enough sleep

It’s true what they say, you really are what you eat. If all you eat are crisp butties and chips, you’re going to feel like a couch potato. Nourish and hydrate your mind, body and soul with plenty of water, vitamins and minerals. Your brain is a vital organ which needs sufficient fuel to function effectively.

Making a conscious effort to get outside or go to the gym is also crucial for healthy brain function, as is ensuring you’re getting at least 6-8 hours of sleep every night. Start holding yourself more accountable for these things and your mental health will thank you for it.

One of the most important things to remember if you’re struggling with your mental health is to talk about it. If you’ve got any of your own advice on how freelance workers can nurture their cognitive wellbeing, come and join the conversation on Twitter or Facebook.

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