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Staff Spotlight: Karl Bilby, SEO Manager of Team Organic

Karl Bilby SEO Manager Team Organic

This edition of Staff Spotlight shines brightly on the SEO Manager of Team Organic, an SEO and digital marketing agency who help their clients’ websites perform well in search. Their team of experts attract and engage website traffic, and boost business.

What is your job title?

SEO Manager

Give an overview of the duties, functions and responsibilities of your job.

My job is to ensure every client website is doing its very best in organic search, and that clients are seeing ROI. I also oversee the running and growth of Team Organic. My duties can go from making yet another round of coffee for everyone, to performing technical SEO audits on client websites.

What is a typical working day like for you?

The day starts early and my first port of call is spending time looking at rankings of our client portfolio, reading around the SEO industry news, and organising my day ahead.

Oh, and coffee.

I love SEO because there is no typical day. It really changes from one day to the next. I could either be putting in a new outreach strategy for a client, or running ranking and traffic analysis, or perhaps helping a website improve its conversion rate and UX.

What particular challenges do you regularly encounter?

The biggest challenge from an SEO point of view is always Google. It’s constantly evolving its algorithm, which means there are often adjustments to guidelines and what it is looking for. It’s key to keep on top of reliable industry news.

What are some of the biggest challenges faced by your clients?

All of our clients are looking to grow their business online which means positioning their website in a competitive area of search, capturing their target audience away from their competitors. Obviously in search this isn’t achieved overnight (or everyone would do it!), so a solid strategy and patience is needed.

How are you able to use your skills to solve problems for them?

Having had years of online brand building experience across search, we’re in a position to be clear with clients when starting out. Creating realistic goals and timeframes can really help them build their business around the work we’re implementing. For me personally, solving problems relating to search and conversion online is what gets me up in the morning (geek)!

What is your favourite part of the job?

I’m very competitive by nature (you have to be in SEO!) so any client success in search is a good day.

What do you like most about working for Team Organic?

Working here allows you to operate on a daily basis in a creative environment, and everyone has input which is perfect. Team Organic works because our team has a great mix of skills, all of which are required to be successful online. When you hire us, you get a team that is behind you all the way. Also the free lunch twice a week is a definite plus! 😀

What skills do you find most useful to do your job?

Prior to entering the SEO world, I had a background of Engineering and Sales (recruitment). Both of these backgrounds have really helped. With SEO you need an analytical head and patience, but at the same time want to win and not be easily deterred.

Where’s your favourite place to visit on days off?

A beach. No matter the weather, I’m there.

Tell us about your proudest achievement.

Apart from my wonderful family, I think stepping out of a steady and lucrative career in Recruitment (13 years) to go freelancing as an SEO on my own was a bold move!

How would your colleagues describe you?

Long. Always eating.

What are you reading/binge watching at the moment?

I read a lot. I’m currently reading a lovely book called ‘Searching for Candy’, about the actor John Candy. It was written by a friend. In fact, you can buy it here

Who do you admire, and why?

Anyone who is willing to take a chance on a dream. I think having great ideas is one thing, but actually having a go to make it work is another.

What question would you really like to answer, and what’s the answer?!

Q: Would you like a cup of coffee and a Twix? A: Yes please

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