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This month we spoke to yoga teacher, ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle consultant, and artist, Jagat Joti Kaur, about her experiences of running a business.

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My day job is working with people to find peace, genuine relationships, meaningful creative work, and a place for their heart in their life and community, whatever their present life circumstances.

“I share techniques to bring strength and structure, both to the nervous system and body, but equally to the day.”


I also share with staff and patients in hospitals who are under acute conditions, to find ways to release unhealthy stress, and work with excellence under impossible conditions.

With support from the Maudlsey NHS Hospital Charity I set up a healing arts project in 2004, which I continue to run, I also train fellow yoga teachers and health professionals to create healing arts programmes within their own local communities and hospitals.

From time to time, I share the fine art of yoga in galleries such as Tate Modern, Tate Britain and the National Portrait Gallery.

“I was seriously ill, found myself in hospital many times but just kept on getting more unwell. I persisted with yoga, even though I found it quite a challenge.”


I started using it as medicine, every day, systematically. The healing was, and still is, immense. Over 20 years later my life has transformed so many times beyond what I could have even imagined.

I simply wanted to share the tools and techniques with others who were also looking for a sustainable, creative, delicious way to be in the world.




I chose The Accountancy Partnership because I wanted to work with a company that was efficient and professional, and treated me with the same care, kindness and attention as a larger corporation, and equally got the job done. I found that in The Accountancy Partnership.

“I find that I particularly love sharing 1-1 consultations on Zoom, so will continue to focus on this medium.”


It is convenient for clients to just dial in from home, ready with notebook, pens and their favourite chair. It enables a relaxed environment that is ripe for this transformational work to happen. For the future, I’d like to continue to share with those who insist on a truly delicious life worth living under any circumstances.

Find out more about learning with Jagat Joti Kaur through her website.

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