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This month we spoke to Adrian Manea, architect and director at Manea Kella, a London based RIBA Chartered architecture and interior design studio.
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Hi Adrian! Tell us about your business

We’re a RIBA Chartered architecture and interior design studio based in London, founded by Adrian Manea and Elena Kella. Our projects are international and we operate across residential, hospitality, and service industries.

What drove you to start the business?

Setting up our own architecture business has sharpened our senses, and strengthened our belief that being an entrepreneur would offer us the opportunity to create, transform, and have a positive impact within our built environment.

The Accountancy Partnership has taken the pain out of accounting and has given us the opportunity to focus our energy on other aspects of the business.

What particular challenges did you have to overcome in setting up your business, and since then?

Since establishing our practice in 2017, the success and value of our business has been driven by the insights and relationships that we have built, whether this is within our own growing team, collaborators, clients and other stakeholders.

Furthermore, we value the importance of inter-disciplinary collaboration and we believe that working better translates to the professions working together.

Why did you choose The Accountancy Partnership?

We work within a fast paced and ultra competitive market environment and so from the outset we required accounting, payroll and bookkeeping services in order for us to spend our time focused on what we do best – architecture and interior design! Our collaboration with The Accountancy Partnership has been successful and they have supported our growth from the company’s formation back in 2017 to the present day with a total of 6 employees.

Have we helped you overcome any challenges, and if so, how?

Our biggest challenge is time management since we work on multiple projects simultaneously – The Accountancy Partnership has taken the pain out of accounting and has given us the opportunity to focus our energy on other aspects of the business.

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What do you have planned for your business in the future?

At Manea Kella we champion working in partnership with our clients, the wider design and construction teams – we find that this translates into placing an emphasis on dialogue and communication.

We have learnt that the success of a project is often as much the result of the collaboration as of the ideas that informed it. In future we would like to continue supporting our clients’ ideas and aspirations into successful projects. None of our projects are approached with a predetermined agenda. We are here to listen, learn and work together in order to achieve success.

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