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Our Client of the Month for June is Katie at Sunbittern Media, who we spoke to about what it’s like to be a wildlife, conservation and eco-tourism content creator.

What’s your name and your role in the company?

I am Katie Stacey, and I am co-owner/director of Sunbittern Media

Tell us about your business, and what drove you to start it.

Myself and my partner Luke Massey have been working together since 2015 as wildlife, conservation and eco-tourism content creators. Luke is a professional wildlife photographer and cameraman whose work regularly features in the BBC’s Springwatch and The Great British Year. I am a wildlife and conservation writer who previously worked in the tourism industry, managing small teams running lodges across the world with a focus on wildlife and outdoor activities.

Together we create films, photography and written content for our clients who range from the BBC, Cayman Islands Department of Tourism, Leica Sport Optics, and Belmond. We started Sunbittern Media in October 2017 as a way of combining our multi-media products.

We work closely with our clients to create bespoke multimedia packages including, but not limited to, stunning photographic portfolios, eye-catching short films, unique written content and quality soundscapes.

We also create our own nature documentaries and we recently completed our first feature length film, The Last Song of the Nightingale.

It tells the tale of one of Europe’s most well-known birds; its natural history, its role in literature, art and music, as well as its cultural importance and its future. It features a unique storytelling blend of animation, natural history, documentary style filmmaking and archive footage. Check out the teaser here.

Sunbittern Media’s episode of Undercover Tourist – Thailand’s Tiger Selfie Trade, a self-shot conservation series produced for BBC3, won the Ron Tuckman Youth Award at The Flagstaff Film Festival 2018. And our short film Singing With Nightingales was shortlisted for the 2018 Research in Film Awards – in the Category: Inspiration Award.

Due to our extensive experience in nature travel (we have worked together in Africa, Brazil and Nicaragua) we also offer nature tourism consultancy. We have experienced different ecotourism destinations across the world and can offer valuable insights and feedback on existing and new ideas, for example photographic hides & nature experiences.

Why did you choose The Accountancy Partnership?

As a small team we found we didn’t have the time or the knowledge when it came to doing our accounts. We chose The Accountancy Partnership because they made life easier for us immediately, allowing us to focus on what we started the business for! We would certainly recommend The Accountancy Partnership.

What do you have planned for your business in the future?

The protection of our wildlife and natural spaces has never been so important, and going forward promoting this through our work will be at the forefront of what we do. We believe in the importance of eco-tourism and would like to work with companies who promote green travel.

We also have three future feature length documentaries in the pipeline… one on wolves, one on bearded vultures, and one on unicorns! And we are always looking for partners for these projects, so if anything here takes your interest please get in touch!

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