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Happy April! This month we’re celebrating the environment and creating a positive impact on it.

And who better to help us do so than this month’s Client of the Month, Bee Blissful.

Bee Blissful are a mindful company who create glass bottles in an attempt to combat the continued use of plastic bottles.

Read more about what they do and the initiatives they support below.

Tell us in a nutshell what Bee Blissful is about!Eco friendly drinking bottles

Bee Blissful is company that is trying to help address the ever growing threat from our over reliance on single use plastics, by providing consumers with a healthy, glass drinking bottle for everyday use.

Plastic multi-use bottles still carry a health threat that consumers are largely unaware of and we aim to help build knowledge about the health benefits of glass and other natural materials in an age plastic over proliferation.

What drove you to start the business – was there a specific moment you can recall?

Initially, it was by spending time in India and Indonesia after my stint as an investment banker. There was so much plastic waste everywhere, it was truly heart-breaking. As both countries have much less advanced waste management practices, it is literally everywhere.

It’s easy to think that it’s not a problem in Europe as there is less visible waste but we are actually burying huge amounts of waste each year, which is just as bad. The amount of plastic waste in the oceans is also a huge problem, but one that’s gaining more awareness due to increased media attention.

I really wanted to start a company that would help address these issues and as I noticed there were no companies selling reusable glass bottles, so thought this would be a good place to start!

In your opinion, what’s the biggest threat to the environment at the minute?

Pollution of the planet.

Be it through wasteful consumption of single use plastics and inefficient recycling or huge amounts of emissions from cars and manufacturing. We are really polluting this planet badly.

Many people talk about climate change as our most dangerous threat but this seems to me to be distracting us from other more immediately pertinent issues. 12,000 years ago, at the end of the last period of advanced glaciation, I would have been talking to you from under a mile and a half of ice standing in London.

So while the climate is definitely changing, and indeed always in a state of flux, I believe that we are distracting ourselves from a more pertinent issue. And that is that we are mindlessly consumptive and our waste is seriously damaging the planet.

How would you suggest people help combat this?

I think if we all start to become more aware of these issues and make small changes we can make a big difference. I used to buy two or three bottles of water a day I realised. By using a reusable bottle I am saving close to a 1000 plastic bottles a year now.

Also, not buying fruit and veg wrapped in needless plastic. Recycling wherever possible. And, that also means cleaning products thoroughly before recycling them and if they are not clean they will be discarded as waste. We need to be more conscious of our daily actions and by being aware we can start to change our behaviours.

What are your thoughts on the government’s potential plans to introduce a plastic tax to the UK?

It could be a good idea in theory. But, consumer behavioural changes are more effective. If people stop buying products because they are aware of the damage they are doing, manufacturers will be forced to change their behaviour and their practices.

Taxes and levies are not as effective as people think they are and government intervention is less effective than making people aware and getting them to change their behaviour.

Why did you choose The Accountancy Partnership?

I like the fact that they are focused on helping small businesses grow. The most effective economies run on successful small and medium sized enterprise.

Would you recommend The Accountancy Partnership?


What do you have planned for Bee Blissful in the future?

I hope to grow Bee Blissful into a company that provides consumers globally with products that allow them to make choices that are good for them and for the planet and to stay in business for generations to come.

If you’d like to keep up to date with Bee Blissful you can check out their website or connect on Instagram and Facebook.

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