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UK Businesses Struggling to Go Green


The modern office is a hub of buzzing lights, rows of machines and fancy coffee makers. Businesses can end up spending a fortune on energy which will only get worse if they don’t take steps to cut down their usage.

Research from saving experts, Make It Cheaper has revealed that many businesses are struggling to reduce their emissions. 31% of UK business owners have said that their business doesn’t take extra measures to make their office eco-friendly. 18% said that they don’t think about energy efficiency when buying new office equipment.

Their employees are saying something slightly different. When questioned, 67% said that their employers don’t look at taking eco-friendly measures. 16% say that their office doesn’t consider energy efficiency when buying new equipment.

Besides the problem with emissions and the environment, energy bills are also putting pressure on business running costs.

49% of business owners spend over £1,000 on energy bills each month. A further 7% spend over£2,000. 21% of business owners are not aware how much they spend on energy.


Eco-friendly options

When questioned about their businesses current eco-friendly measures:

  • 47% said that they close the windows when the heating/air conditioning is on
  • 46% use energy saving lightbulbs
  • 37% use light sensors
  • 29% use smart energy meters
  • 28% use remote heating controls

Other ideas to make your business more eco-friendly are:

  • Encourage recycling in the office
  • Buy recycled paper
  • Start double-sided printing
  • Set up a cycle to work or carpooling scheme


Changing energy supplier

One way that businesses could save on energy costs is by changing supplier. However, 13% of business owners say they have never changed provider. Only 7% say they switched in the last year.


The top reasons why business owners don’t change energy supplier:

  • 44% say “it isn’t worth my time”
  • 37% said that exit fees put them off
  • 36% say that it “takes a lot of time and effort”


Head of energy insight at Make It Cheaper said: “There is a common misconception that changing energy suppliers for your business is an arduous task, yet it couldn’t be further from the truth. Getting a quote is quick and simple, you just need your current meter reading and a few personal details. Also, many suppliers don’t issue exit fees, and for those that do, the savings made by switching usually outweighs the charge.

“As well as exploring the option of different energy providers, there are many steps business owners can take to help create an energy efficient workplace too. Conducting energy audits, switching to LED bulbs, and rewarding eco-friendly staff are just some of the ways to help promote green culture in the office.”


Have you made any changes to your office? Are there any barriers to your business becoming more eco-friendly? Please share your thoughts.


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