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The New Year’s Resolutions Your Small Business Should Be Setting

New Year’s Resolutions

As 2018 starts to come to a close and 2019 comes creeping (rather rapidly) into view, it’s time to start thinking about your New Year’s Resolutions. It may only seem like five minutes since you were last setting your annual objectives but alas, the time has come once again.

We aren’t talking drinking less beer, eating less cheese and going to the gym four times a week here. We’re talking goals and small changes that are going set your small business up for a prosperous and positive 12 months.

Shrink your plastic consumption

The Plastic Crisis has been gathering momentum this year for sure, but it’s set to take centre stage in 2019. Do your bit to cut back by encouraging staff to use reusable water bottles, only work with sustainable suppliers and avoid plastic biros where possible.

Hop on the paperless bandwagon

If you aren’t doing so already, make 2019 the year you address your paper consumption too. Recycle as much as you can and go paperless where possible. A great way to do this is by switching to a cloud-based bookkeeping software.

Give agile working a crack of the whip

As the workforce continues to diversify, their working environment needs to evolve simultaneously. Agile working caters for the various different styles of learning, increases physical activity throughout the day and helps foster a more positive, productive atmosphere.

Make workplace wellbeing a top priority

The physical and mental health of your employees has always been important, but it has become more paramount than ever. In the new year, make an extra effort to take measures which will boost staff wellbeing such as flexible working, transparent communication and a work-life balance.

Read more on how to improve staff wellbeing in the workplace.

Give your website a bit of TLC

Along with social media and email marketing, your website content can prove to be a goldmine for leads, traffic and search ranking if managed correctly. Give your website a makeover, set out a plan for consistent blog content and make sure you’re mobile optimised to reap the rewards.

You can get a free website review from our friends over at Team Organic

Don’t miss your finance deadlines

If timekeeping hasn’t exactly been a strong suit of yours over the past 12 months (or longer), a brand-new year is the perfect excuse to pull your socks up – not just your festive socks either. Make 2019 the year you hit all important deadlines to avoid those dreaded HMRC penalties.

Grab a coffee with your accountant

In the name of starting as you mean to go on, schedule in a catch up with your accountant to evaluate the year just gone and consolidate your objective for the business year ahead. If you don’t currently have an accountant, the turn of a new year is the perfect time to reconsider this.

If you’ve got any of your own New Year’s Resolutions that you’re setting to help stand your small business in good stead for a successful 2019, feel free to leave them in the comments below!

Alternatively, come and share them with us over on Twitter or Facebook to inspire those who might not have made theirs yet.


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