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November Client of the Month: Text-A-Potato

Text A Potato Gifts

With Christmas presents at the front of everyone’s mind, our latest client of the month, Text-A-Potato, have just the novelty gift you’ll need for your Secret Santa.

Having appeared on Dragon’s Den a couple of months ago, they’ve gone from success to success. We caught up with co-founder Jonathan Brook, to learn more about how the company got started, what it was like pitching to Deborah Meaden and co. and to tell us about their exclusive discount for TAP customers.

Tell us about Text-A-Potato!

Text-A-Potato sends personalised, hand written messages on potatoes to anyone within the UK and select European countries. Yes, you read that correctly! Text-A-Potato is a light hearted, novelty gifting company that sends potatoes in the post.

How did the idea of the business come about?

My partner and I were inspired to launch Text-A-Potato when we were living overseas and were away from our friends and family. We often found it hard to find original, funny and reasonably priced presents for birthdays, engagements, thank you etc. We were inspired to launch a novelty gift website because we felt the UK market in particular had a wonderfully unique sense of humour and the demand for the personalised gifts market is ever growing. It just so happened that our idea was a potato with a personal message on it!

What made you decide to go on Dragon’s Den and what was the experience like?Dragons Den TextAPotato

I have always been a big fan of the show however it wasn’t until a producer from the BBC called and asked if we would be interested in applying that we decided to really go for it!

It was an experience like no other, that’s for sure. One of the most deceptive aspects is the vast amount of work that goes into your preparation, the auditions and due diligence for example are enormous tasks.

The dragons are certainly formidable, but their advice and feedback is invaluable and we even managed to make them laugh, which felt like a task within itself! After all the hard work, it was fantastic to finally present Text-A- Potato to five incredible business figures, and watch their reactions as we explained the business. It was an even greater achievement to hear that we had successfully made the final stage which was a prime-time airing, something that isn’t guaranteed during filming so it was a brilliant experience!

What’s the most common request you receive?

It’s a tie between our ‘Love Potato’ and ‘Birthday Potato’. We are often asked to send a potato with rose petals and a personal message saying, ‘we’re a mash made in heaven’. The birthday potato is another popular choice normally accompanied by a friendly message such as ‘I didn’t know what to get you’.

Why did you choose The Accountancy Partnership?

As a small business, we are always looking to keep costs down but never want to risk mismanaging areas that aren’t within our expertise. The Accountancy Partnership was a perfect match for us, as they were competitively priced, supportive, engaged and knowledgeable.

Would you recommend The Accountancy Partnership?


What do you have planned for Text a Potato in the future?

We hope to continue innovating and growing Text-A- Potato’s product offering. We have some really fun gift ideas in development at the moment so hopefully we’ll be able to bring these to market shortly. We will also be expanding into new international markets, because everyone deserves a loving potato gift!

As a special treat for our best-spuds, we have created a discount code exclusively for you. Use TAP10 for 10% off all orders plus free shipping, isn’t it time you told someone how mash you love them…

Watch our three minute video to learn more about us

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