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How to Practice Better Mindfulness During the Working Day

How to Practice Better Mindfulness during the Working Day

When it comes to living a more peaceful professional life and protecting your mental well being in high-pressure environments, these would be our top pieces of advice:

  • Limit technology usage
  • Squeeze more physical activity in
  • Concentrate on single tasks more regularly
  • Build relationships with co-workers
  • Spend more time around natural elements

How, might you ask, can you incorporate these healthy habits into your working day?

Take technology off the menu at lunchtime

There’s no dodging the fact that technology and digital connectivity is a massive part of most people’s working lives. From electronic door fobs to answering emails on the go, cutting out technology completely just isn’t an option these days.

That said, it is possible to switch off for at least half an hour while you grab something to eat in the middle of the day, just to give your eyes and mind a well-earned rest.

This will aid better concentration, digestion and communication with those around you, as well as improving long-term sleeping patterns and positivity.

Give desk or chair yoga a go

This might seem (and feel) a bit daft at first but spending just five or ten minutes at some point during the day stretching your body out can be extremely helpful in the release of stress and tension.

Desk yoga improves the flow of oxygen and gets blood pumping around the body for better cognitive performance, physical health and posture.

A quick Google search for ‘easy chair yoga poses’ will provide a wealth of stretches, some of which can even be done pretty much undetected.

Less is more when it comes to multitasking

When you’re wrestling a to-do list as long as your leg and deadlines are looming at top speed, it can be tempting to try and tackle everything all at once.

That would mean everything gets done quicker, right? Wrong.

Taking on too much at once will actually result in high stress levels, extreme frustration, and poor-quality output as a result. Giving your time management process a bit of TLC and allowing for single-task concentration will help keep your mind focused and productivity high.

Take the time to listen to and appreciate others

A lot of mindfulness is about focusing on yourself and blocking out everything else around you for a short period of time in order to improve your own mental well being and presence.

That said, dedicating some time to improving relationships with those around you is a great way to feel more grounded, positive and productive.

Listening well and truly absorbing the ideas and opinions of others will not only enrich relationships and communication, it will also enable you to think in a more open-minded, creative way.

Get outside in the fresh air whenever you can

Just like cutting back on technology, getting outdoors more is easier said than done in the modern working world.

However, there are a number of features you could introduce into your workspace to bring a bit of the great outdoors in:

  • More access to natural light
  • Open windows for fresh air circulation
  • Live plants to improve well being and air quality
  • Organic fabrics and colours for a calming environment

We want to hear our tips on how to nurture better mindfulness during the working day, impact you.

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below or by joining the conversation over on Twitter or Facebook.

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