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How to Bust January Business Blues

January Business Blues

The festivities are behind us. For many small businesses December was a frenzy of busy-ness. December may have been a business whirl with high turnovers and crazy deadlines all interspersed with family, social and celebratory buzzes. Now January is here, it’s easy for the business blues to settle in and the mojo to fail. How can you bust those January blues?

Realise Your Employees Are Feeling It Too

If you’re feeling sluggish you can pretty much guarantee your staff are too. They are likely feeling the pinch of early December pay packages, mixed with a sense of flatness that the season is over.

If you want to get your business back booming then you need to focus on getting your staff reinvigorated and motivated. Boost their morale and re-energise them. This may be as simple as planning a quick get together, it may be giving them fruit bowls and healthy snacks to support their own resolutions, or it may be time to consider a pay-rise.

Get Target Setting

December in business is often simply a case of staying on the treadmill as the speed increases. January is a perfect opportunity to take a ‘new slate’ approach and actually set some concrete and achievable business targets whilst taking stock.

By setting realistic goals for the year ahead you can motivate yourself and your employees to go after the next ‘prize’. Create a new vision and work out the steps you’ll all need to take to get there.

Up Your Game

A sure fire way to banish the January blues is to identify areas for improvement within your business. Don’t just look externally as you set your business goals, look within and see where improvements can be made. Is this the time to introduce new communication strategies? Is it time to replace your EPOS with the latest technology?

Say Thank You

We all like to hear it. January is the ideal time to show recognition to everyone who enables your business to succeed. Start with recognition and thanks to staff – be that a verbal thanks, a performance review, or an extra half day leave. Then move on to thanking your vital clients and customers too.

By taking some time to say thank you in January, you’ll motivate focus back on to your business rather than being lost in the cacophony of noise that was December. This makes January a perfect time to run promotions and offer enticements.

Focus on Productivity

Finally, it’s possible to banish the January business blues by focusing on what you do best. Whilst you may not be feeling the love right at this moment, just keep putting one step in front of the other. In this way, focus on business productivity and soon motivation, inspiration and passion will soon return. You’ll be able to shake off the sluggish hangover feeling and instead embrace the opportunities of a new year.

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