JJB focus on women customers for business turnaround

JJB focus on women customers for business turnaround

It was announced recently by the chief executive of JJB that he intends to make the sports stores more appealing to female shoppers, as part of plans to regenerate the stores profits. As profits drop to the worst level for a few years now, Keith Jones intends to target female customers; something which he admits has been neglected previously.

The total sales for the group dropped to £142.4 million, taking gross losses from £24 million in 2010 to £66.5 million in the first six months of the year. Mr Jones spoke of the new measures to be taken while attending their new store in Leeds, situated in the Trinity Leeds development. He warned of:

“a very tough economic climate where the customer is feeling squeezed.”

Jones foretold of a difficult period over the next couple of months, which may last into 2012. However, he also spoke of the 2012 Olympics which will bring new opportunities to the UK, in addition to the Euro championships. He said:

“Regular customers with JJB are incredibly loyal and very satisfied with the proposition we deliver. But it has been a predominantly male audience, and has been overly focused on football, maybe to the detriment of other sports. We see a tremendous opportunity to provide something for female customers (in a way) that certainly JJB hasn’t provided in the past.”

Jones said that new products would be introduced, not forgetting the female customers who have been neglected by the group previously.