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Q. How long have you been established?
A. We have been established since 2006 and have been going from strength to strength ever since
Q. How big is your company?
A. We are a relatively small but growing firm. The company consists of 10 members of staff including four qualified accountants, two administrative assistants and a sales/marketing assistant.
Q. Does it matter if I am not local to you?
A. No, we have very good lines of communication with our clients through telephone, email, post and live chat. We even have staff that work outside of business hours and can answer any queries you may have
Q. What is included in your fee?
A. For sole traders and partnerships the fee includes a full set of accounts and completion and submission of the tax return(s). For limited companies the fee includes all necessary accounts and returns to HMRC and Companies House along with the director’s personal tax returns. All packages include unlimited help and assistance throughout the year
Q. Do you outsource any of your work?
A. No, all work is carried out in-house by our staff
Q. I have just started my business, how do I register?
A. If you sign up as our client and are a sole trader or partnership, we can register you with HMRC free of charge. If you want to register a limited company we will set it up for you free of charge as an introductory offer
Q. I have years of outstanding tax returns and am in a mess with my tax affairs. Can you help?
A. Yes, once you sign as a client of ours we will bring your tax affairs right up to date. We treat outstanding years as top priority
Q. Will you be able to save me tax?
A. We make sure our clients pay as little tax as legally possible. We achieve this by ensuring that they claim for all of the expenditure that they are entitled to and by making sure they are operating in the most tax efficient way
Q. What expenses can I claim for?
A. This is depended on the nature of your business but our accountants can provide you with a list of the most common types of business expenditure for your industry. If we receive your records and we believe that you could be claiming additional expenditure then we would contact you straight away and ask for further details
Q. Do I send my records to you monthly?
A. It depends. If we are completing your accounts and returns then usually annually would suffice. If we are also completing your VAT returns then we would request your records every quarter, and if we complete monthly management accounts for you, we would need to see your records on a monthly basis
Q. What if I join you in the middle of my financial year?
A. If you were to join us in the middle of your financial year then we simply set up a direct debit which would start from the following month. Once your time with us as a client comes to an end then we would balance up any amount owed to us or owed back to you
Q. Will I be tied into a contract?
A. No you will not be tied into a contract if you decide to join us as a client. You can leave at any time, we just ask for you to contact us to let us know
Q. Will you inflate your fees once I have signed up?
A. No, we charge our clients a low monthly fee, which only increases in line with inflation
Q. Are there any other charges I will incur if I sign up?
A. No. The monthly amount of the package is all you pay. There are no more extra or hidden charges
Q. If I were to join you, would I be assigned my own accountant?
A. Yes once you join you will be given the name of your assigned accountant and you can contact them anytime should you have any questions
Q. Do I have to let my previous accountant know I am changing?
A. If you wish, but we send a standard letter to your previous accountants to inform them of the change and to request any information we need (including your books)
Q. What is the best way of getting my records to you?
A. You are able to do this in a number of ways. If you use our spreadsheet or your own spreadsheet, this can be emailed to us in an attachment. Alternatively if you use a book, ledger or just have paperwork, you can post your records to us. For clients with paperwork, we are able to provide pre-paid mailbags on request
Q. How long will it take for you to complete my accounts once I have sent my records to you?
A. We usually send out accounts for approval within 14 days from receipt of the records. However during busy periods it may be slightly longer