How to Do a Digital Declutter and Become More Organised

How to Do a Digital Declutter and Become More Organised

There are plenty of tips for the self-employed to declutter their offices and desks but what about a digital declutter? Sometimes you need to declutter the digital side of you business in order to become more organised and efficient at what you do. So here are some areas to declutter.

Sort emailsDigital Declutter

If you haven’t already, organise your emails into folders depending on the subject. This will make it a lot easier to find one when you need it. It’s always better to have a business and a personal email address.

Also take the time to cut down on junk by unsubscribing to all those emails that annoy you. We all put them off until later, so set aside some time just for that. It’ll make opening your inbox less of a thing to dread and will help you clear it easier.

Delete bookmarks

Have you got tons of bookmarks hidden on your browser? Most people wouldn’t recognise half the stuff they’ve saved over the years. So go through and delete the ones you don’t use and order the ones you do into folders so everything is easier to find. You don’t want to spend more time hunting for a bookmark than it takes to search for the website you’re looking for.

Get rid of unused browser extensions

If you’ve got a few extensions clogging up your browser it might be time to get rid as they could end up slowing your browsing experience down. Only get the ones you know you’ll use, preferably ones that help with your overall productivity.

Clear out social media

Go through social media and clear out any inactive accounts you’ve been following or just unfollow things that aren’t relevant. This will clear up a lot of space in your timeline so you’re only getting updates from where you want them. Get out of any Facebook groups that aren’t helpful or are just distracting.

Be picky about programs on start-up

You’ll no doubt be aware of some of the programs that load when you turn your PC on. You might not even be aware of others running in the background. Unfortunately, left alone this can slow your computer down and the rate it starts up at. So go through your programs and change the settings so that they don’t all load on start up.

Uninstall old programs and apps

Everyone’s got a few apps hidden away on their phone that they’ve not used in a long time. Have a clear out and get rid of anything you’re not using on your computer or phone. It’ll free up space, help performance and make things easier to find.


What else would you add to the list? Have you tried any of the ideas above? Let us know your thoughts.

Kara is a content writer for The Accountancy Partnership.