What to Consider if you’re looking for New Office Space

What to Consider if you’re looking for New Office Space

Whether you’ve just set up a brand new company or are an existing one looking for new office space, finding the right place is a big task. You need to think of several different things and carefully weigh up the pros and cons. You need to balance cost efficiency with keeping your workforce happy. Here are some key things to bear in mind when shopping for new office space:



You need a location which is easily accessible for both your employees and clients. You want somewhere which is good for public transport and main road links.New Office Space

Consider where you want your office and the impression it leaves on people. You might be tempted to save some money but if your office is in a less desirable part of town, what is that telling your clients? Is it also likely to have an impact on your employees’ wellbeing when they’re coming into work every day?


Will it accommodate your team and leave enough room for everyone to breathe? Does it have room for if/when you decide you want to hire more staff? Does it have any common areas like break rooms, kitchens that can accommodate your workers? If you’re likely to hold meetings you’ll need to think about rooms for these as well as storage space.


You should also check that the building you’re considering is secure. Look out for things like secure gates and CCTV. How do people get in and out of the building? Check the doors and windows to see if they offer reasonable protection. Chances are your office is going to be full of computers and other equipment thieves would be eager to get their hands on so this is an important thing to consider.


Is there sufficient parking space for your workers and clients? If people have to pay for parking, will you refund them?  Following on from security, does the car park have CCTV or gates so that your workers can feel reassured?


Check whether the premises are accessible for people in wheelchairs, either staff or clients. You don’t want to have to turn people away or potentially run into some tricky legal issues on discrimination.

Hidden fees

When you come to ask about price make sure you’re asking about hidden fees like maintenance or parking costs. You don’t want to be surprised after you’ve moved in with larger monthly outgoings than you budgeted for.

Usually there will be some maintenance fees in a building in order to keep the office and common areas clean and well maintained so make sure that cost is considered.


What have you struggled with most when it comes to choosing an office space? What do you think is the most important thing to consider? Share your thoughts in the comments.


Kara is a content writer for The Accountancy Partnership.