August Client of the Month: Luscious Books

August Client of the Month: Luscious Books

Luscious Books

After the hottest day of the year, it’s safe to say the TAP team are ready to grab a desk fan and an ice lolly and hear from our latest Client of the Month, Luscious Books.

For August we spoke to Tarja, director of the Devon-based publishing company. Have a look at what she had to say below!

Tell us about Luscious Books!

Luscious Books is a publishing company that publishes a variety of non-fiction titles, such as cookbooks for special diets, books on crafts and hobbies, as well as notebooks and journals. Its fiction imprint, Cloudberry, publishes commercial and contemporary fiction.

Why did you choose to begin a publishing company?

I have always loved books so when the opportunity arose to set up my own business, there was no question about what I wanted to do. Creating and producing books is a dream that’s now come true.

Have you got a favourite title or anything you’d recommend to readers for summer?Prestwick

I couldn’t possibly choose a favourite title – that would be like choosing who your favourite child is!

However, if you’re looking for a summer read, Patricia Fawcett’s Countdown to Love is for all romantics out there while David Hough’s aviation thriller Prestwick is for those who prefer Hollywood-style action. As for keeping the kids entertained, Kevin Colouring Bunny’s colouring books will do the trick.

What has been the toughest challenge your company has overcome?

Finding an accountant who is both good and affordable. When I became the client of The Accountancy Partnership, I knew I had found the one who is just right for Luscious Books. Every member of the staff has been efficient, reliable, knowledgeable and helpful.

The fact that I can now use Pandle to do the bookkeeping is a huge bonus. And all this is affordable for a small company. I no longer have sleepless nights – and I couldn’t be happier!

Would you recommend The Accountancy Partnership?


What do you have planned for the future?

Luscious Books will be expanding its title range and soon a variety of new and exciting puzzle books will be out. Check out our website to keep up to date with the latest publications!

You can catch up with Luscious Books over on Twitter or Facebook!




Lauren is a content writer for The Accountancy Partnership.